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Welcome to Innovation Dance!

Dance is a fantastic, fun way to increase fitness, stamina and flexibility, whilst boosting confidence, self-esteem and team-building skills through performance.

We provide great classes in ballet, modern, tap, street, break dance and musical theatre for children and adults at our studios in Ealing, Finchley and Colindale plus high-quality, professional dance training for schools, colleges and pre-schools across London. Our primary aim is to provide a safe and engaging environment for children to learn dance and performance skills.

Innovation Dance was formed in 2009 by Emma Hardy and Zoe Newell, who had a passion for bringing a high standard of dance training into schools, and reaching children who may never have had the opportunity to previously access classes. Over the following two years they developed a network of classes taking place in schools across 10 of the London boroughs to all ages of children.

The demand was so great for children to extend their training with additional classes outside school hours, that Innovation Dance established studios in Ealing, Finchley and then Colindale, holding classes every day in various dance styles, and allowing children to develop their dance training.

We believe that dance will benefit every child – from those who wish to come to street dance once a week to learn cool moves and have fun with friends, to those who attend the studio five days a week and dream of a career in dance! Dance builds confidence, friendships, boosts fitness, and most importantly is great fun!

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