Innovation Dance are unique. At our schools we receive very high quality dance tuition from leaders who really inspire the children. Sessions are fun for all as well as being packed with opportunity for the serious dancer to develop their technique. Our partnership with Innovation has enabled us to set up “tailor made” sessions for shows and festivals. We have been able to push very talented children forward to make something of themselves. Zoe and her team are a special group of dance leaders – very organised, very helpful and dedicated to us as a school.”

Chris Flathers Headteacher The Orion and Goldbeaters Primary Schools

“We have worked with Innovation Dance for the past 5 years. Zoe has been absolutely brilliant running classes and workshops for a range of ages and choreographing our annual performance for the Barnet Dance Festival. She learns the names of the pupils quickly and builds up a rapport in a short space of time. We have had a number of different teachers in from Innovation Dance and they all share the same values of getting the girls motivated, working hard and having fun. They have provided numerous opportunities for them to perform, usually with costumes which gives the pupils a really memorable experience. Innovation Dance is a very efficient company to deal with. Zoe & Emma have always been flexible to our requirements and we are very lucky to have worked with them over a long period of time. I would not hesitate to recommend Innovation Dance to other schools looking for high quality extra-curricular provision.”

Jess Rodwell, Head of PE, Henrietta Barnett School

“Both my son and daughter attend classes at Innovation Dance Finchley. They absolutely love it above all their other after school activities. I can only put this down to Innovation Dance’s amazing teachers. The teachers have found that crucial balance of making classes fun but also instilling good dance discipline too. If I was to ask the kids what they think of Innovation Dance I know their answer would be ‘Epic & Awesome’.”

Chenoa Powell, Parent at Innovation Dance Studios Finchley

“What a fantastic Dance School, with really dedicated and inspiring teachers, led by the wonderful Emma and Zoe. Since starting at ID her love of dancing has really bloomed, she can’t wait for the next lesson and would be there every day if she could.  Before ID I had tried a few schools and dancing was something my daughter took part in because that was what I wanted. The Dance Workshops that are held during the school holidays are so much fun. These workshops really showcase all that the children learn, my daughter comes home and recreates the shows in her room with her friends. As a mum I couldn’t be happier to see the smile on my daughter’s face after each class and to know that she is learning in such a positive and encouraging environment.”

Liz Pinder, Parent at Innovation Dance Studios Ealing

“There is so much to say about Innovation Studio’s team that I cannot find enough words to express how grateful I am to them and how much of an asset they are to Pitshanger Lane. My eldest child Juliet, who is 8 years old now, has started ballet at the studio ever since she was 3 yrs old. All was simple and straight forward, until Emma and Zoe took over the place and made it the star of the Lane. Not only did Juliet excel and grow into her ballet lessons, and not only did she get attention, but her skills and talent were embraced and taken so seriously and a whole new world opened for her. And its not just for my daughter, but every little child that has joined the studio. She loves her teacher, Mrs Eliis, she loves Emma and Zoe and thrives to perfect her moves and has beautiful commitment to every lesson, all thanks to their professionalism and devotion. My second daughter, who is 5, was always very reluctant to take part in any dance, asks me every day “mommy is Street Dance with Emma today?”. She has become so eager to take part every week and goes into her lesson without looking back to even say goodbye to me. Then my 4 year old runs to Lu and Emma just to get to her lessons. Rosaline who turned 4 three months ago, started ballet with Lu when she was only 2 years old. What an amazing influence a teacher leaves on a child when her job is done from the heart. As for me. After having 5 kids (twins were the last pregnancy) I fell into a terrible phase of post natal depression. But to my rescue came Zoe. Made me a fitness plan and got me started immediately. In a week I was even more bubbly than I have ever been. From crying my eyes out every minute of the day, I am now eager to make others join in and take part in the workout sessions in the evenings. Just because they are outstanding. I have also lost 6 kilos, so there is also a seen result. These women are the revolution of life. Without them, Pitshanger Lane will have no life. They are the spice of Ealing. My daughters and I will forever be grateful for the joy and love they have shown us throughout the years. Thank you Innovation”

Linda Jamil Al Wandawi, Parent at Innovation Dance Studios Ealing